Maria de Sousa
Maria de Sousa grew up with the tango music she loves in her native Buenos Aires. After living in the United States for several years, she started learning the dance to feel closer to her roots. She has studied with world-renowned teachers both in the U.S. and Argentina including Raul Bravo, Pablo Veron, Guillermina Quiroga, Aurora Lubiz, Maria and Carlos Rivarola, and Pedro "El Indio" Benavente. Maria earned a certificate from the Escuela Argentina de Tango in Buenos Aires for completing its Master's Program for tango professionals.

Pierre Baston
Pierre Baston's interest in tango was ignited by a dinner show he once saw in Barracas (coincidentally, Maria's home neighborhood in Buenos Aires). Since then, he has enjoyed exploring all aspects of tango practice, culture and history. He has studied with such luminaries as Raul Bravo, Carlos Rivarola, Gustavo Naveira, Susana Miller, Geraldine and Javier, and Pablo Veron. Like Maria, Pierre earned a certificate from the professional Master's Program of the Escuela Argentina de Tango. He collects illustrated tango sheet music from the early 1900's, and gives talks on the origins and psychology of the dance.

Pierre and Maria love to travel, and have enjoyed dancing tango in places as far-flung as Paris, Stockholm and Hong Kong. They were the founding teachers of Drexel University's Tango Club, and of River Tango of Bucks County, PA. They currently teach and direct at River Tango.